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A property that works on every level

Tokyo, Japan
212,000 sq ft / 19,700 sq m
A premium development

A property like no other

Tri-Seven Roppongi is an office and retail development designed to complement and enhance the surrounding environment. Office floors offer elegance and efficiency, while retail spaces extend to the outside with multi-level terraces and gardens.

The development is LEED Gold certified and has achieved WELL Health and Safety rating for Facility Operations in 2022 with prime office space offering premium features, designed for efficiency and comfort.




Levels of office space

Tradition & nature

Development Story

Designed to complement and enhance the surrounding environment, greenery and nature flourish with the integration of the Tenso Shrine. A short path leads to the reflective forest of the shrine and transforms the location into an urban retreat


Located in one of the safest areas in Tokyo, with genuine environmental credentials fundamental to the design, Tri-Seven features facilities which set the standard for tenant productivity and well-being.

Efficiency and comfort

Large and flexible floorplates with floor to ceiling glass provides for expansive views and generous natural light on every level, complimented by automated solar tracking blinds and customized temperature control.


LEED Gold and WELL Health and Safety certified, with electricity acquired from 100% carbon free energy source and air conditioning  provided from an energy efficient active chilled beam system.

Resilience to Hazard

State-of-the-art construction and technology, the building is equipped with a seismic isolation system and 72-hour emergency backup power generator as business continuity measures.

A well-connected prime location

Home to leading global and blue-chip firms, Roppongi is well connected to world-class art museums, Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury hotel and shopping destinations with easy access around the city, including Tokyo’s international airports
Roppongi subway station is conveniently served by two stations and three lines
Minutes from 16 Michelin-stared fine dining restaurants and 1,479 luxury hotels
Heart of the art district and three major art museums attracting 5,000,000 visitors annually
Earthquake risk zones

Lowest risk of earthquake – Rank 1

The danger of building collapses and spreading fires from earthquake disasters, and the ease (or difficulty) of evacuation, firefighting and rescue activities are comprehensively measured in the general risk levels that have been announced by the Tokyo Metropolitan Governments’ Bureau of Urban Development. The Tri-Seven Roppongi location was ranked “1”, the lowest level among the five risk levels.

Digital hypsographic map

Located outside assumed tsunami area -31m above sea level

Among the types of earthquakes that can be expected in the vicinity of Tokyo Bay, the Genroku type Kanto earthquake (expected 8.2 magnitude) is assumed to have the most impact from a tsunami. But even if he defined worst-case senario were to occure, in which “sea walls would become dysfunctional after the ground subsides due to liquefaction”, the location in question is outside of the predicted tsunami area.

Low possibility for liquefaction

Liquefaction prediction

With respect to the liquefaction that would cause great damage to the city infrastructure at the time of a metropolitan area disaster, and also according to a simulation study that assumed an earthquake in the northern area of Tokyo Bat would have the maximum seismic intensity within Tokyo’s Minato-ku (magnitude 7.3 expected), the area in question is designated as having a low possibility of liquefaction.


Located outside assumed flood zone over 0.2m

Minato flood hazard

With regard to the frequent occurrence of “guerrilla heavy rain” in recent years, the results of a simulation of the Tokai heavy rain that caused extensive damage in the Tokai region in September, 2000 (total rainfall 589mm, maximum rainfall of 11mm per hour) show that the location in question is located outside of the area predicted to be inundated with 0.2m or more, and is predicted to incur the least amount of damage


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