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The finest address in Germany

Munich, Germany
218,000 sq ft / 20,300 sq m

A world-class home for world-class retailers

Just as Maximilianhöfe is a fusion of classical tradition and forward-thinking modernity, the brands we are home to boast proud histories whilst creating dynamic futures.


This shared vision between us and our retail partners is what makes Maximilianhöfe a world-class destination for those seeking timeless yet innovative luxury retail experiences.




Luxury Retailers
A fusion of past and present

A unique shopping destination

At Maximilianhöfe, timeless tradition and modern innovation combine to create luxury retail, world-class workspaces and fine-dining experiences.


The fusion of past and present, of classic and contemporary, is what makes us unique.

It’s what makes us the finest address in Germany.

A world-class home for world-class retailers

Timeless retail experiences

Maximilianhöfe is home to the world’s most prestigious brands, including Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Gucci, and Moncler. Whether you’re shopping for something timeless or this season’s latest look you will find it at Maximilianhöfe.



State-of-the-art offices

Perfect working spaces for those at the cutting edge

Our state-of-the-art offices are testament to contemporary workplace excellence, offering a perfect environment for those at the cutting edge of the business world. The outstanding workplace extends beyond the office spaces, as the complex’s inviting courtyard provides an ideal setting for productive breaks, informal meetings and long lunches at Munich’s favorite Brenner Restaurant.

With stunning views over Maximilianstrasse and set in the very heart of Munich, it’s little wonder we attract some of the biggest names in the legal and asset management sectors.

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