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Pembroke Becomes Restaurant Owner with Opening of Banger at MESS in Stockholm

With a mindset of creating places for people, Pembroke opens its first of four restaurants at MESS, a new space that is thoughtfully designed for people to dine, enjoy a beverage, and socialize. Located in one of Stockholm’s central blocks, with MESS, Pembroke is providing a way for the many workers in this neighborhood to have a one-stop destination to keep this location thriving all day and night.

“New times require new ideas on how to do business – and to contribute to a city center that is vibrant around the clock,” Kristin Willerström, Senior Regional Director at Pembroke,comments. “We are seeing that our business partners are increasingly interested in a more service-oriented arrangement in their workplace. With MESS, we are developing a unique offer for our office tenants. They can book the premises for events and take advantage of favorable prices, hosting events or come down for after work-drinks impromptu.”

Banger’s main fare is hot hogs, but make no mistake, this is not a place for a mustard-ketchup-bun concoction! Thinks sausages with Asian spices or lobster served on pretzel breads. Three other dining concepts are planned to open at MESS later this year.

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