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A new management agreement with MESS signed

We announced a new management agreement with MESS which will see 1,250 sqm of restaurant space open at its Mästerhuset in central Stockholm.

Located on the neighborhood at Mäster Samuelsgatan and Regeringsgatan – with the newly created Smålandstorget in the center – the area’s reputation as a food destination will be further enhanced following the addition of MESS’s several unique restaurant and dining experiences.

The agreement with MESS is part of our efforts to make Stockholm city center more vibrant and the streets safer. In 2015, Mästerhuset was completed and in 2017, Smålandstorget was inaugurated as a public square that opened up the previously closed block. Wall to wall with department store NK, work is underway on a brand-new property of 36,000 square meters, which will house offices, apartments, and retail when it opens its doors in 2026.

Several restaurants have opened in the neighborhood in recent years, including Mexican taquería La Neta, BodyBuddy Cafe & Bakery, Saigon Stories, and Barrels Burgers & Beer.

“We are taking a different approach and are investing in a management agreement,” says Kristin Willerström, Senior Regional Director, Nordics.

“The pandemic has changed customer requirements and challenged us to think of new ways of doing business. The management agreement with MESS is a concrete example of this, as we want to be able to create added value for our tenants through this service and at the same time contribute to a vibrant street life. It’s a new set-up – and a big investment – for Pembroke that gives the opportunity to create, together with MESS, the best activation which will support this area for a long time to come.”

Over the past 20 years Jimmie Hall has worked on developing over 50 commercial properties both nationally and internationally. On the property development side, he has also run the Nordics’ largest street art gallery and was a co-owner of an advertising agency. Now he leads MESS together with colleague Michael Howing.

“New top restaurants will soon open here, the new meeting place in the city. It’s going to be a nice, exciting, and lovely atmosphere here and I’m looking forward to being able to reveal which big names we’re working with,” says Jimmie Hall at MESS.

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