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Construction starts at Tri-Seven Roppongi

We have acquired 1,210 tsubo of land in Roppongi 7-chrom, Minato-ku, Tokyo and recently commenced construction of Tri-Seven Roppongi.

Tri-Seven Roppongi is our fourth development project in Japan, is our first office and retail development in Tokyo.

Located in the heart of Roppongi, facing Gaien Higashi Street and across from Tokyo Midtown, Tri-Seven Roppongi will be a Grade A office building offering premum features. The 9,500 tsubo building is designed for efficiency and comfort, incorporating advanced technologies including seismic isolation. Drawing on our global development experience, the property will provide a distinctive and flexible office environment, engineered to accommodate a variety of business needs across 14 above ground and 2 underground floors.

To ensure the delivery of a premium environment, our team is collaborating with leading consultants, including Jun Mitsui & Associate Inc, Architects for facade concept design, Takenaka Corporation for architectural design, engineering and construction, and management advisor Tokyo Midtown Management.

Tri-Seven Roppongi offers retail and office tenants a prominent corner location in the center of Roppongi. The Roppongi area is now one of Tokyo’s prime submarkets due to its unique combination of business, leisure, residential, retail and cultural destinations, and Tri-Seven Roppongi will further enhance Roppongi as a destination for both domestic and international companies.

As part of the development, we are collaborating with the adjacent Tenso Shrine to enhance and restore the shrine facilities, and create a shared plaza and community garden space where tradition and nature are in harmony with the cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Tri-Seven Roppongi, Tokyo

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