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Masterhuset has Sweden’s most satisfied tenants

Masterhuset has improved upon its tenant satisfaction score in all categories, registering the largest gains in indoor climate, price value, environmental solutions, error reporting and adaptation.

For the third consecutive year, the industry benchmark average remained at 73 (Pembroke: 88), which is the second highest index recorded since the survey began in 1997.

Akira Shimizu, Vice President, Head of Nordics, comments: We’re delighted our tenants have once again identified themselves as being some of the ‘happiest in Sweden’. People are at the heart of our business, so to be recognized for our outstanding customer service is very rewarding. As Pembroke begins its second decade of presence in Sweden, our focus is on responding to an increasing desire from workforces to work, live, and shop in well-connected, urban environments. Tenant satisfaction is central to this; and the CFI survey is an important way for us to identify opportunities for further improvements. Thank you to all our tenants who took part.

In Stockholm, our in-house team, in partnership with selected specialists from H2M Fastighetsteknik and Coor Service Management, handle property management across two CBD buildings, Mästerhuset and Sveavägen 14. This, in combination with an active and long-term focused day-to-day management, has proven a rewarding strategy for achieving customer service of the highest quality.

Åsa Blomkvist, Asset Management Analyst, comments: We are incredibly proud that Masterhuset has been recognized again for excellence in tenant satisfaction. During 2018, we have ramped up our sustainability initiatives and information about our buildings’ LEED sustainability certifications, which our tenants value tremendously. Thanks to our dedicated on-site Pembroke team, we can offer tenants the highest standard of service, attention to detail and customized solutions. We aim high and share a deep commitment to offering tenants, and their business partners, personal and professional service from beginning to end.

Masterhuset, Stockholm

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