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Stockholm CBD’s largest development breaks ground

We welcomed Stockholm’s mayor Karin Wanngård together with 80 guests to the groundbreaking ceremony of our latest mixed-use development Hästen 21.

Located at the intersection of Mäster Samuelsgatan and Regeringsgatan, the project is scheduled to complete in 2026. With Swedbank confirmed as the anchor tenant, this landmark building will include workplaces, apartments and high-end retail.

“We are thrilled to start the construction of Hästen 21, where we transform one of Stockholm’s most central districts to a more accessible and attractive place. The re-imagined work, living and retail will together create a more vibrant environment. It will play an important role for Stockholm’s city centre, as it brings new life to the neighbourhood”, says Kristin Willerström, Head of Nordics.

With ambitious sustainability goals, we are aiming for double sustainability certifications. When the project completes in 2026, it is targeting to be Stockholm’s first building with certifications both according to LEED v4 Platinum (the highest environmental certification on the market) and WELL v2 Platinum Core (which aims to improve the health and well-being of those using the building).

“It’s both important and exciting to be part of this ceremony today. With offices, apartments, retail and service, the new building will contribute to keeping the city alive around the clock. Stockholm needs high-quality real estate projects that, among other things, attract investment and enable the city to continue to thrive and keep its position as Sweden’s economic powerhouse,” says Karin Wanngård (S), mayor of Stockholm.

“Without a common vision and a good collaboration with the city of Stockholm, this would not have been possible. It has been a long and exciting journey, and we are excited to break ground on the new property,” says Kristin Willerström.

A time capsule was laid within the building foundations. “It’s a fun commemorative ceremony; this is a generational building, built to stand the test of time. It will take a very long time for someone to discover what we included in the time capsule,” says Kristin Willerström.

The last piece of the puzzle in an entire block

Our vision for the Hästen block – which has NK as a neighbor – includes PK-Huset, Mästerhuset, Smålandstorget and Hästen 21 and goes by the name Project Access. The project was started already in 2015 when Mästerhuset was completed and in 2017 Smålandstorget was inaugurated- a square and passage for all Stockholmers that opened up the previously closed block. “We have recreated previous passages to increase accessibility instead of maximizing the construction area. It is something we are very proud of,” says Kristin Willerström.

Hasten 21, Stockholm
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